Question- How to take PF2-CURE™ course?

Ayushmaan- One capsule with normal water, empty stomach, early in the morning, after freshen up. Kindly remain empty stomach for one hour after taking the medicine.

Question- Any food restrictions with PF2-CURE™ ?

Ayushmaan- All kind of Non-vegeterian food, Junk food,Excessive Oily & Spicy food, Maida (white flour),Kidney beans & any other food which is not easily digestible.

Question- For how many days I have to take PF2-CURE™ capsules?
Ayushmaan- Usually patients with 1-2 years cases requires only seven day course, however severity & duration of problem may require a extended course sometimes. Complicated cases like prolapsed & third stage Hemorrhoids & Fistula usually requires extended courses.
Question-Why PF2-CURE™ is only seven day course?
Ayushmaan-There is no shortcut  technique/treatment for any ailment, However PF2-CURE™ is a logically designed course which contains high potency extracts along with active silver. Simple mechanism is that PF2-CURE™ normalizes the “Varicose Veins Inflammation” & effect comes usually in a week time of oral administration of the medicine. However Patient is advised for a one month of dietary precautions, which plays a major role in the eradication of disease permanently. PF2-CURE™ is only a initiator of process, rest all the changes are patient own body response. Usually within a week time all discomforts like Pain, Bleeding, and Burning sensation, Pus discharge,swelling & itching will reduce significantly & patient condition improves day by day.
Question- After using PF2-CURE™ I will be cured for lifetime?
Ayushmaan- PF2-CURE™is a non habit forming medicine & effects are usually long term & also permanent. If the conditions which created the ailment previously will not be repeated, your problem will not be repeated. However nobody in this world can guaranty you logically as well as legally that your ailment will be cured for lifetime. It’s a Human Body we can’t predict for next moment. There is a reason for every disease & if reason is not repeated there will not be any recurrence of Disease.
Question- Can I continue my existing medication along with PF2-CURE™
Ayushmaan- PF2-CURE™can be taken safely with any alternative medicine including allopathic & homeopathic medicine. However any medicine like Anti-biotic which can disturb the digestive system should be avoided during the course. Diabetic, Blood pressure & heart patient should continue their medication along with this course. Before stopping any medication always consult your Doctor first.
Question- Is PF2-CURE™ a safe Medicine?

Ayushmaan- PF2-CURE™ is Ayurvedic & Natural medicine made from high potency herbal extracts & is free from any added chemicals, Hormones & Heavy metals. It is absolutely safe for Child to old age individual & even in Pregnancy related Hemorrhoids & fissures also. Also PF2-CURE™ is a licensed proprietary ayurvedic medicine approved by state drug controlling authorities

Question- I Already had an operation can I take PF2-CURE™?
Ayushmaan- Administration of PF2-CURE™ can remarkably reduce the chances of dependency on surgery or other costly techniques to be performed. However if you had gone through a surgery, you can also take PF2-CURE™ to reduce the chances of recurrence & treat the disease from roots.
Question- I'am Pregnant, can I take PF2-CURE™?
Ayushmaan- PF2-CURE™ is absolutely safe for pregnancy associated Piles & Fissures however it is supposed to be taken after morning break fast. Pregnant women should always consult a Doctor,before taking any medication.
Question- I had already taken PF2-CURE™,but my bleeding has not stopped?
Ayushmaan- Kindly consult any good doctor & hospital & have all the necessary check-ups.Rectal bleeding is not always due to Piles,it can be some other serious issue also.
Question- How many courses of PF2-CURE™ can I take safely?

Ayushmaan- Any person can take any number of courses of PF2-CURE™ without any safety issues,but we usually suggest dosage only as per the condition,severity & case history of patient.

Question- I am using Homeopathic medicine for past few months with some relief but only till medicine usage,can I use PF2-CURE™?
Ayushmaan- Kindly continue your Homeopathic medicine & start a course of PF2-CURE™,If you feel a remarkable difference with in a week time than you can decrease or even stop all the medicines related to this problem.Always consult your doctor before discontinuing any medicine.
Question- How many bottles of PF2-CURE™ are required for complete cure?
Ayushmaan- In a world of Medicine and Health,logically nobody can guarantee you the time, day & number of doses for cure of ailment, however our claims & results are based on results of maximum patients. You may require a less or more dosing, depending on the severity of ailment.There are 5 year old cases that can be treated with a single bottle of  medicine & same way there are 2 year old cases which may require 2-3 bottles of medicine.
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